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Our Creative Process
We're all ears'
We're all ears
The easiest way we develop an idea is to listen to the problems that are presented by the world. Chances are, if one person has an issue, others do as well.
Hammer. Nails. Action!
Hammer. Nails. Action!
After hearing and understanding the problem, we design and build a prototype or MVP (minimum viable product).
Once the MVP is ready, the market validation process begins. It is then presented to and tested by a select audience. If it solves the problem and gains traction, we’re successful!
No Problem Too Small
Extending our offering above and beyond marketing, we use our technological expertise to create new and innovative ways to tackle common problems and elevate everyday life.

Whatever the industry, whatever the problem, there’s a creative solution and possible improvement for every personal or work-related scenario, and we’re ready to build it.
Our Projects
Fresh AirQuote | Mobile App
The Problem:
It’s easy to look on the dark side, consumed by the negative energy of the world. Mental health issues continue to be key drivers in the everyday lives of people.

The Solution:
A mobile phone app designed to lift a person’s mood by delivering positive and encouraging daily messages.
Fresh AirQuote App

CrewStream | Web Application
The Problem:
Media production managers and coordinators have no easy method of quickly scanning and sorting large amounts of data to locate local, skilled, and available freelance technicians.

The Solution:
An easy-to-use, mobile friendly web platform designed to organize production crew data and simplify scheduling and communication for media production teams.
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