5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Builds Brand Credibility

In the digital era, 75% of consumers check out a brand by visiting its website. So, what happens when a potential customer types your company name into a search engine, and the results turn up an outdated website or, worse, not one?

Your website is the face of your brand. It is a digital storefront that legitimizes your business and presents you as a company that knows what it is doing.

A great website can build brand awareness and foster trust in your products or services, amongst your prospective buyers. Showing positive testimonials from happy customers can push potential ones a long way toward their purchase decisions.

Gives You a Competitive Edge

Unless your product is as unique as a snowflake, chances are, you have competitors. In a world powered by digital technology, the fight to capture and retain consumer trust and loyalty is fierce.

Most of your company's competitors may already have a website. This means that —

Your website can put you ahead of the curve and provide you with a sizable advantage when it comes to wowing your potential customers.

Provides Access to Your Business 24/7

Imagine if you could keep your business open and easily accessible around the clock throughout the year! Before your head starts to spin with the sales and revenue numbers, just think whether it is actually feasible. For an offline storefront, maybe not.

However, thanks to your website, customers can have access to your products whenever they want. Not to mention, they can avail any information about your brand that they deem to know.

This opens up many opportunities, including selling to a remotely-situated target audience and providing an excellent customer experience. Research indicates that 93% of customers may become repeat buyers of brands that offer quality customer service.

Attracts New Customers Through SEO

68% of overall online experiences begin with a search engine. If your potential customer isn’t able to find you on Google or other search engines, how will they know you exist? By focusing on your website SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, you can work towards ranking your web pages at the top of search engines for maximum visibility. When a prospect searches for relevant keywords related to your business, your company profile will appear at the top; considering you have knocked your search engine optimization efforts out of the park.

Google also provides business profile listings, where your existing customers may review your business and leave glowing testimonials. This will further build trust and attract them to your brand.

We’ve written an entire blog post on the topic of SEO, located here. Check it out.

Showcases Your Offers Best

The best part about building a website? You can use it to sell your products. A visually attractive and user-friendly website is exactly what you need to make your mark amongst your target consumers.

You can introduce multiple things to your website. Besides a user-friendly layout, bold colors, and easily navigable headers and sub-headers, you may display products in a visually appealing way, perhaps, put in an explainer video to explain how to utilize all the features of your product, or even, build a library of relevant free resources that contain solutions to specific pain points. You can also showcase your credibility with well-placed text and video testimonials of satisfied customers, further fostering a lasting impression of your expertise.

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